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  • Oct. 17th

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About Camp

Are you feeling stuck and in a rut?

Do you feel like you've just settled for being overweight, tired and stressed out? 

Do you feel like you have too many things going on to get the body you really want?  And to feel the way you REALLY want?

If so, then you're in the right place. 

For 8+ years, Adventure Boot Camp has helped more than 1200 women in the North PInellas area to lose weight, reduce stress and live with passion! 

It's not only possible to be confident and live in a body you're proud of and feel great in, it is the way you were designed to live! 

Adventure Boot Camp for women is an incredible experience. It's a 4 week life-changing exercise program for re-ingiting your passion for life and getting the body you can finally feel great in.  This dream of living in the body you want can be your new reality.

Adventure Boot Camp for Women is an amazing community of women creating awesome results in their lives and in their bodies.

It is for women interested in losing weight, reducing stress and have fun in the process.

It is for women of all fitness levels, ages, shapes and sizes. (Yes, that means you too!)

It is not for women who are stuck in their ways and unwilling to change or try something new.

We have fun at camp. So, it is not for women who are negative or really uptight.

It is not for women who are 100% content with their current situation or fitness level.

Again, this is for inspiring women who are excited to take their health and their life to the next level.

If this sounds like you, if you want to join our boot camp family then I encouage you to take action now.

We are so thankful to have you and we're super excited to start this journey with you!

What you can expect

+ Cutting-edge scientifically proven exercise &
   weight loss strategies which means you will get results fast.
+ Mindset Coaching which means you will have help identifying your sticking points.
+ Accountability which means you will get that gentle nudge when you need it.
+ Motivation which means you will stay inspired and not give up.

+ A different workout everyday which means you won't get bored.
+ A community of like-minded kick-butt women which means you will have great support.
+ Friendship which means you will not be alone on your journey.
+ Outdoor workouts - which means you will get to connect with nature
+ Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching which means you will be able to get permanent results faster.
+ Increased energy, strength, flexibility, tone which means you will feel younger than you have in years.
+Increased happiness - which means you can start living your life with more confidence and passion.

All of this = YOU feeling amazing.  Noooooo, make that ridiculously amazing!


Your powerful 4-week fitness journey starts October 17th.

  • 5:30am - 6:30am

    Monday through

  • 9:00am - 10:00am

    Monday through Friday





Pick your camp option and let's get started!

  • Silver Jumpstart


    (includes 50% off discount 
    for 1st time campers)

    • 3-days per week for 4-weeks
    • 12 sessions - choose your days
    • Designed to prevent weight gain
  • Gold Jumpstart


    (includes 50% off discount 
    for 1st time campers)

    • 5-days per week for 4-weeks
    • 20 sessions
    • Designed for weight loss
    • Best value!
  • Platinum Jumpstart


    (limited availability)

    • VIP small group weekly coaching w/John
    • 20 sessions of camp
    • Designed for complete mindset & lifestyle change
    • Application required

Happy Campers

Heres what these cool ladies have said about us.

  • Stephanie A.

    Stephanie hated going to the gym, but at Boot Camp she learned how to get healthy and fit. Plus, she’s made great friends!

  • Maran F.

    Maran lost one dress size after one just boot camp, then she got her mom to join the fun!

  • Meg P.

    "Boot camp is one of the best things I've ever done for myself."

  • "I have been a John Kent boot camper for about 6 years. When I started I could not run a mile, lift weights beyond 5 pounds – let alone exercise for 1 hr – 5 times a week. North Pinellas Boot Camp has been a life changing experience for me and I am happy to be able to leave this review. John is such a great guy and his classes are fun and motivating. Boot Camp is addicting as well and I really miss it when I travel. Being a member of this boot camp has helped me to maintain a healthy weight and feel good. That’s the best part really, I feel great when I am in shape. It’s a very friendly environment with a crazy bunch of ladies that are all like minded and having fun exercising."
    Donna L.
    Tarpon Springs, FL
  • "The most fun you can have at 5:30 in the morning! John is an Excellent Motivator and Trainer. 10 months ago when I started I was very apprehensive about going (didn’t think I could do it). But with John’s coaching I did! It has been the best personal decision I have made for myself in a long time. I highly recommend this camp-it’s addicting!"
    Dee R.
    Palm Harbor, FL
  • "I lost 100 Pounds” now I do triathlons! It all started at North Pinellas Adventure Boot Camp for Women!  My concerns before I started were a real fear of failure and that brought on feelings of hopelessness that I had let myself go too far, too long, and too much weight had to be lost to make a difference…… I felt that I may be too old to do exercises with younger women…I felt most strongly that I would not be able to do it and that was where the fellow campers and John made it work…the “no man left behind” theory helped me not be ashamed of being the worst as everyone knew we were all not athletes or we wouldn’t be there!  John's constant attention to be sure I pushed myself but not so much that I would be hurt made me know I could do it. I also to this day don’t know how, with so many people there in the camps, John knew when I had done something before and therefore encouraged me to do a bit more….The attention and encouragement helped to reduce those fears.
    If you love to be outside, want to be a better you, surround yourself with positive motivated people and have the best coach ever…this camp is for you!"
    Tammy C.
    New Port Richey
  • "I have lost 51 pounds! I've never been able to sustain any other program for longer than 3 months."
    Carolyn S.
    Palm Harbor, FL.
  • "I lost the 15 pounds that had been torrmenting me for years!."
    Teresa P.
    Clearwater, FL.
  • "I've lost 34 pounds and over 27 inches. I feel amazing and have so much energy." 
    Tracy S.
    Dunedin, FL.


5:30 AM Camp:  3130 Forelock Rd., Tarpon Springs, FL  34688
9:00 AM Camp:  875 Cypress St., Tarpon Springs, FL  34689 (indoor location for summer)


P: 727-420-8139

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Got a burning question? It may be answered already below!

  • Q. What is an Adventure “Boot Camp”?
    A. First off, boot camp IS FUN!  Boot Camp means you’re outside. No stuffy, smelly gym. You’re breathing in fresh air. And you’re not working out alone. You’re with at least 25-50 other women of all fitness levels, ages, shapes and sizes who are working to get in shape, lose weight and stay healthy. I will be your biggest cheerleader! Also, the ladies in camp are SO supportive. You won't find any mean girls in this tribe—just lots of supercool, empowered, compassionate women. Like I said, I will be right here every step of the way to lead, encouraged, inspired, motivated you!Camp is different everyday. You will not doing the same old boring repetitive exercises over and over. Every activity is a quick 5 to 7 minutes and then it’s on to the next activity. Which means you will never be bored. Your metabolism will quickly shift into high gear and drop that unwanted weight. Many ladies in camp look at me in amazement when they realize that camp is over. Many times the say to me "It's already over? WOW! That went by so fast!" Camp is a lot of fun! Ladies tell me all the time "It is the best hour in my day."
  • Q. What if I’ve rarely or never exercised before?
    A. Don’t worry! Adventure Boot Camp is designed for real women – women who have busy lives. Women who struggle to find time to exercise. Women who hate to exercise and women who love to exercise. You won’t be left behind. I will meet you exactly where you’re at, take you by the hand and guide you to the next level. You’ll start out slow and build on every day’s successes. At the end of four weeks, you’ll increase endurance and stamina by at least 25% as well as lose inches and tone up. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your body responds and how you’re moving better than you have in years. This is not an exageration!
  • Q. What kind of women go to Adventure Boot Camp?
    A.  All kinds of women. That’s what makes it special. You’ll find stay-at-home moms, working moms, VPs, executive women, business owners and retirees. Women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Women who have a lot of weight to lose and women who want to maintain. Women who need encouragement and motivation to meet their goals. Women looking for a warm, caring supportive atmosphere to get in shape or stay in shape. You’ll make many new friends at Adventure Boot Camp. Women say they sign up to lose weight and tone up but keep coming back for the fun and the friendships.
  • Q. When and where does Adventure Boot Camp Meet?
    A.  There’s an Adventure Boot Camp to meet your schedule. We meet at 5:30 a.m. or 9 a.m. for one FULL hour  Please be on time because we start exactly on time and we end exactly on time to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule. It will be the fastest hour of your day. You can choose to come 5 days a week or 3 days a week. We suggest the 5 days a week if weight loss is the goal.  3 dyas a week is designed to prevent weight gain. if you do choose 3 days a week, you can choose you days. The North Pinellas Adventure Boot Camp for Women meets off of East Lake Road in Tarpon Springs /Palm Harbor and is also conveniently located near Trinity, Odessa, Oldsmar, Safety Harbor, Dunedin and Clearwater.
  • Q. How quickly can I expect to see results?
    A.  To get the very best results I recommend doing a cleanse to rid your body of fat storing toxins and to dramatically help in the regulation of your hormones. This set you up for long term health and weight loss. I will have more infomation for you after you register or you can give me a call. When ladies conbine boot camp with the cleanse they see dramatic results in 10 days. Your body is amazing if you just get the toxins out and start getting in some great tasting superfood nutrition. This combination changes lives.You will notice your weight dropping, you appitite dramatically decreasing and much clearer thinking the very first week! My camp is designed to firm your butt and thighs, flatten your stomach, reduce body fat and increase stamina. By losing fat and gaining muscle, you’ll lose weight and inches and gain strength while looking and feeling better.  With in a a week or two the eye-opening changes in appearance also help woemn to get inspired, have more hope, self-confidence, less stress, better sleep and mental well-being.
  • Q.  What is a typical hour of Adventure Boot Camp like?
    A.  That’s a difficult question to answer because … there is NO TYPICAL HOUR.  Camp is different EVERYDAY! What’s more we tailor each activity to fit your fitness level. Boot Camp is jam-packed with fun games, resistance training, interval training, tabatas, balance training, core work and cardio—power walking, light jogging, sprinting or running, depending on your fitness level and what you are comfortable with.
    But John’s Adventure Boot Camp also offers many metabolic exercises using 5 to 15 pound dumbbells, bodyweight, bands, medicine balls, jump ropes and more. John uses obstacle courses, circuits and relays to keep you moving and engaged. And he is constantly changing everything up to use different muscle groups, equipment and intensity levels. No boring, repetitive exercises here, you will be always doing something new, exciting and different. You will be introducing new movements to help you to get stronger, increase stamina and help you move better. 
    You’ll start with a light warm-up for the first 5 minutes, which leads to a dynamic warm up to prepare the body for exercise … this is important for all of us, but especially important as we age. Then we move into the main activities, such as the game The Amazing Race, Blanket Junkyard, the Cone Game, metabolic training, core work and intervals … just to name a few. We often end with a “metabolic finisher” designed to dramatically increase heart rate and work your entire body in a short but intense way. This increases your caloric burn for the the next 24 to 36 hours! Talk about boosting metabolism!
    Whatever you do at camp, every activity is modified – or expanded – to meet your fitness level. Safety is always first, but I will ask you to do a little bit more than what you’re acclimated to. As I always says “I am looking for progression, not perfection!”
  • Q. What should I bring to camp?
    A. You will need to bring one set of 5 lb. dumbbells and a 1/2 inch to 1 inch thick exercise mat.  Yoga mats are usually too thin for comfort. 
    You will also want to bring water to keep yourself hydrated during camp. Optional items are a towel to dry off with.
  • Q.  What happens if it rains?
    A. This is boot camp, not spa camp! We still have boot camp at our normal locations and times if it is just sprinkling or lightly raining. If it is a heavy rain that is deemed to be unsafe (I will use my best judgment) or if there is lightning, camp will be cancelled. On the rare chance we are forced to cancel for weather safety reasons, there will be NO rescheduling of a makeup camp, but feel free to make the camp up at another camp time.
  • Q. What happens if I miss a day? Is there a makeup policy?
    A. We do NOT offer make-up days. For fast, maximum results, you will want to attend every day you’re signed up for. I recommend you attend 5-days per week for the best results.
  • Q. What will I do after camp is over?
    A. After you experience your first boot camp, you can sign up for next camp to keep you on the path to your healthy weight and lifestyle.  You can also choose to join my Inner Circle program. You can save up to $100 per camp.
  • Q. What if I try Adventure Boot Camp and it’s not for me?
    A. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. In the unlikely event you decide – for ANY reason – that Boot Camp is not right for you, just let me know. I'll give you 100% of your money back – no hard feelings. ;-) My promise is a simple and sincere one – You’re going to LOVE IT or your MONEY BACK!
  • Q. How do I register for North Pinellas Adventure Fitness Boot Camp for Women?
    A. To register for our next Adventure Boot Camp, simply click the registration buttom above. Or you can call (727) 420-8139.
    Once we’ve received your registration and payment information, we’ll send you a confirmation email. Approximately 10 days before camp starts, you’ll receive a Welcome Pack which will give you all of the information you will need including complete directions to camp, what to bring, and more!

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